Outcome of expo 2020

So here is the main question. Once these Expo shenanigans are over and six months have passed by, what can we expect after that? What is going to be the outcome of holding such an amazing event that will have participants coming in from all over the world? There is surely a reason and outcome and for every major event to do something then what kind of legacy do the organisers have planned for Dubai?

According to the higher authorities 70-90 percent of the site is going to be recycled, repurposed and reused for the betterment of educational facilities, IT company, social entities as well as strategic planning of the industry

It is also said that some companies are actively considering and taking part in It’s Global Logistics Based on the size of the expo from the year 2021. A huge major outcome of this Expo is going to be that Uber has already signed a road and fly contract with Dubai to taste it flying cars and other products in the Expo 2020. Just by reading the words flying car we can only imagine how huge Expo is going to be. If anything, it is simply going to be an out of this world event that people are definitely going to love.

The theme of this Expo is bringing together creative minds for the betterment of the future and the youth – a major part and future generation which is highly encouraged to take interest and participate in this exhibition with their new and innovative discovery and ideas which will all be accepted with an open heart and every individual’s voice is going to be heard.

Not only the organisers of this Expo are excited about next year and its treat but the audience itself is very excited as to win in a survey conducted earlier this year where the citizens think this Expo is going to be a major success and workable for the betterment of the nation and region. It is expected to bring in many financial and economical betterments for Dubai and the UAE at large.

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