Dos and Don’ts of evening attire

There are so many confusing event codes which one has to follow specifically in an evening event to make sure that you blend in with the crowd but stand out at the same time. If you wish to nail the evening looks then keep on reading the dos and don’ts of them:

  • Do keep in mind the location

Location plays a major role in any event and how you dress up for it. An evening dress which you wear in outdoor summer gala will not be appropriate for an indoor charity event. Location will dictate your outfit and its pairing jewellery. Shoes also play a major role because if you will be standing around outside then high heels are going to be a major pain in the foot whereas wearing flats in an evening event indoor is not the smartest choice.

  • Don’t forget to try on outfit

Not many people focus on this and then regret later. To be successful in any event and look your best, you must try on the outfit beforehand. Make sure that the fitting is perfect and everything fits in its place because if it doesn’t then you may have to get minor tweaking done which will require time. This way you won’t have to stress out at the last moment about things not setting into place and you not being able to find the right dress.

  • Play with colours

Most of the dress designers in Dubai ask their clients to play with colours but most of them are too shy and scared to be doing that. They go for the classic blacks and reds which is the same old nothing new. Make sure that you try to experiment with more vibrant colours because this is how you will be able to stand out and brighten up the mood. But a tip which you must follow with brighter coloured dress is to go light on jewellery.

  • Don’t forget evening gowns

Party gowns in Dubai are very necessary as they speak about themselves and give a statement about your style and elegancy. Wearing a gown while coming and going to the party will not only make you feel comfortable and save your dress but it will also show your class.

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